Who made Pokemon uranium?

Is Pokémon Uranium made by Nintendo?

Pokémon Uranium is a fan-made game based on the Pokémon series. The game was in development for nine years, and used the RPG Maker XP engine. The game adds 166 new fan-made species of Pokémon, with only 160 currently available, along with a new region.

Pokémon Uranium
Engine RPG Maker XP
Release August 6, 2016

Are Pokémon fan games legal?

Seeking permission
So no, without consent, making a fan game is not, generally speaking, legal. There is something that creators can do if they want to make a fan game however, and avoid receiving a nasty cease and desist in their inbox.

Why was Pokémon brick bronze deleted?

Pokémon Brick Bronze was a role-playing video game released in 2015 and developed by Llama Train Studio. It was not affiliated with the Pokémon media franchise. It was removed from the platform in April 2018 by Roblox administrators, reportedly after copyright concerns were raised by Nintendo.

Who is the villain in Pokémon Uranium?


Cuphead DLC – The Loop
CURIE is the main antagonist of Pokemon Uranium, who possesses Urayne.

Does Pokémon Uranium have virus?

Pokérus is a beneficial virus that can infect a Pokémon, boosting its ability to gain EVs. It has a 1 in 21845 chance of being on a wild Pokémon, although it can be found in the Pokémon Uranium community far more readily due to Mystery Gifts released with Pokérus and trading of infected Pokémon.

Is it safe to download Pokémon Uranium?

Although those who downloaded the game before it was pulled may opt to share Pokemon Uranium, the development team warned potential players to be “extremely cautious” about downloaing the game from non-official sources – you never know what might have been packaged up to infect your system.

Is Pokémon Uranium a fan game?

Welcome to the Pokémon Uranium Wikia!
Pokémon Uranium is a free fangame made in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials.

Is Pokémon Uranium still being updated?

We will no longer be providing updates or support for Pokémon Uranium. Thank you all for playing.

Can you rename Pokemon in Pokémon Uranium?

Two doors west of the PokéMart sits the Name Rater. He will tell you how suitable your Pokémon’s nickname is, and if you are their original trainer, he will allow you to rename them.

Will there be Pokémon Uranium 2?

The storyline for Pokemon Uranium 2 takes place 3 years after the championship event where Theo and the player character finally battle, meaning 4 years after Theo starts his adventure. In place of Larkspur Labs, Professor Spruce has set up shop in Silverport Town, where he studies Pokemon breeding.

Is arceus the first Pokémon?

According to Pokémon mythology, Arceus is the oldest and first Pokémon in exisistence — it is often called “The Original One.”

What did Dialga create?

Behavior. Dialga was created when Arceus hatched from its egg and created the world. Arceus tasked Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina to create the universe—time, space, and anti-matter respectively. Dialga was worshiped as the master of time and metal, as it is a steel-type pokémon.

Who created earth in Pokémon?


It is said in many Sinnoh legends that the universe, Pokémon world included, was created by a single Pokémon, Arceus. In a void of nothingness, a single Egg came into being, which then hatched into Arceus. Arceus creates Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina and gives Dialga and Palkia the abilities to control time and space.

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