Where do you get smelter wedges?


  • ×6 are found on an Ashen Idol’s corpse upon entering Brume Tower.
  • ×4 can be found above the Foyer bonfire in Brume Tower after activating the lifts. …
  • ×1 is found on Sir Alonne’s throne in the Memory of the Old Iron King after defeating him.

How do you get smelter wedges?

Quote from video: After you've reignited the broom a tower. And you come up the two elevators until you get to this hallway. Once you're up here you need to make your way through and it can be pretty dangerous.

Where do I get the last smelter wedge?

The final wedge is found after killing the option boss, Sir Alonne. Look along the right wall after killing him to find his throne and interact with it to get the final wedge.

Are there enough smelter wedges?

There is one wedge you can’t get until after you beat fumey. If you don’t leave one idol alive elsewhere, you cannot get enough wedges to kill the 4 idols around the arena until after the fight.

Where should I use smelter wedges?

Quote from video: Dark Souls 2 Use Smelter Wedge around the boss room. This will prevent the boss of the crown of the iron king dlc from regenerating.

How many Ashen Idols are there?

eleven idols

Ashen Idols are the remains of Nadalia, Bride of Ash. A total of eleven idols can be found around Brume Tower. They have various effects on their surrounding when approached. They can be destroyed with a Smelter Wedge.

What is Sir Alonne weak to?

Sir Alonne is fairly resistant to all forms of magical attacks, but he takes significantly more damage from Lightning. He is also highly resistant/immune to Bleeding.

Can I Parry Fume Knight?

In addition, summoning either one increases the Fume Knight’s health by 100%, summoning both phantoms results in a 300% health Fume Knight. The fireballs from his second special attack can be spell parried.

What does Soul of Nadalia do?

The fragments of the Soul of Nadalia have no use individually. Once all twelve fragments have been collected, they combine to form the full soul, which can be used in the following ways: Consume for 30,000 souls. Trade with Weaponsmith Ornifex along with 20,000 souls to acquire the Chime of Screams.

How do you get Sir Alonne?

Sir Alonne is found within the Memory of the Old Iron King in Brume Tower. The Crown of the Old Iron King and the Ashen Mist Heart are required to access the memory. Tower Key required to open elevator gate.

What happens if you destroy all ashen idols?

Nadalia scattered her souls into fragments and influenced the Brume Tower with the idols (Similar to the concept of Phylactery or Horcrux, once all idols are destroyed, then Nadalia herself is destroyed) that have effects such as cursing an area with dark fog, reanimating enemies covered with ash, and healing enemies

How many brides of ash are there?

There are 12 of these and all of them must be gathered to form the actual soul, 11 are dropped by Ashen Idols and the last one by Fume Knight.

How do you get the last soul of Nadalia?

Quote from video: And as you can see all you need to do is walk up to the ashen Idol with the smelter wedge equipped hit the X button to activate. It. And then once the ashen Idol kind of glows.

Is Fume Knight final boss?

The Fume Knight is the final boss of the Crown of the Old Iron King. He is found at the very bottom of the Brume Tower.

What is Fume Knight weak to?

The Fume Knight is a Boss in Dark Souls 2.

Fume Knight
HP 10,100 | 14,140 (NG+)
Weakness None
Resistance Fire
Immune Poison, Bleed
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