Where are the parts in Black Ops 2 Zombies TranZit?

There are three parts to be located; one of them can be found in the library, the other in Warden’s office and the final one in the Infirmary. The workbench at the docks can be used to make a Zombie Shield similar to the one in Tranzit.

Where are the parts for the turret in Tranzit?

The Turret is buildable equipment in TranZit. The parts required are a lawn mower, an unusable RPD and an ammo bag. Every part is found in Farm, and the construction table is found on the lower floor in the house. The turret requires power from a turbine to operate.

What are all the bus parts in Tranzit?

Basically, to get this achievement you need to get three upgrade parts for the bus, which are hidden throughout the Tranzit maps. These three upgrade parts are: the grill, the roof hatch and the ladder. These items randomly spawn on four locations.

How do you complete Tranzit on Black Ops 2?

Black Ops 2 Zombies – How to complete Tranzit – Tower of Babble Achievement (Maxis)

  1. Turn on the power at power house.
  2. Wait for electric zombie to spawn and leave a crawler (so level doesn’t end)
  3. Locate the electric pylon in crop field.
  4. Tempt the electric man to the pylon.
  5. Turn off the power at power house.

Where are the parts for pack a punch in Tranzit?

They are scattered inside the vault. Assemble the parts at the workbench in the back of the vault. Your end result will be Pack-A-Punch.

Can you beat TranZit solo?

Quote from video: And basically just kill a couple zombies. And try to stay on as low rounds as possible. And keep one zombie left at each round. And get good guns that you want to upgrade.

Is there Juggernog in TranZit?

Persistent Jugger-Nog is another Persistent Upgrade found in Tranzit mode. This upgrade will allow players to sustain three hits instead of two. To obtain this upgrade, players must play Solo and first purchase Quick Revive. After doing so, the player must down himself.

How do you complete transit?

Quote from video: You got to be doing seperate things to speed things up get get things going. So with this map everything revolves around the power. And transit being transit. You obviously have to build the power.

What is the TranZit crew called?

The Victis Crew

The Victis Crew, or the TranZit Group, is comprised of four main characters of the Black Ops II portion of the RGS (Richtofen’s Grand Scheme) Zombies Storyline, who are Samuel J. Stuhlinger, Abigail “Misty” Briarton, Marlton Johnson, and Russman. They are playable in TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried.

Where is Nacht der Untoten in TranZit?

The building from Nacht der Untoten makes a cameo appearance in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies map Green Run on TranZit, as “The Prototype”. The structure can be found within the cornfield between the Farm and Power Station, and Denizens do not spawn inside or around the bunker.

How do you obey the voices in TranZit?

Quote from video: Speak for the character that can hear him and your cause you'll get your.

What is the electric man on TranZit?


Avogadro is made of pure energy from the Elemental Shard in the shape of a human, In Tranzit, Avogadro is only spawned in Once the power is on and the Round begins with the Storm Clouds above.

What does the electric trap do in TranZit?

Quote from video: And you can see straight away it activates. And starts killing zombies for me at least it will in a moment you'll see a whole group come up.

What is Avogadro Zombies?

Avogadro is a type of boss in Zombies. He can be found on the map Green Run during TranZit mode. He will only appear after turning the power on. A storm will kick up on the map, and “Him” will appear where the storm is centered.

How do I get rid of Avogadro?

You can just EMP it to kill it instantly, but it will have a greater chance of respawning. Use the bus. If it appears while you are on the bus, it cannot attack, leaving it extremely vulnerable. Thanks!

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