What role did Ariana Grande play in 13?

Ariana played the part of Charlotte, a popular cheerleader, in the musical.

Who was Ariana Grande in the musical 13?

Characters and original cast

Character Description Original Broadway Cast
Charlotte Ariana Grande Lauren Ellington
Cassie Brynn Williams Amara Okereke
Simon Other boys in the school. Joey La Varco
Richie Eamon Foley

When was Ariana Grande in 13 the musical?

In 2008, Ariana Grande played the role of Charlotte in the musical 13 on Broadway, for which she won a National Youth Theatre Association Award.

Who is Charlotte in 13 the musical?

Charlotte is one of the roles in the Broadway musical 13: The Musical. She was originally played by Ariana Grande.

Who kisses in 13 the musical?

Lucy starts a rumour that Evan and Kendra were seen kissing at the mall. Brett and Evan get in a fight, and Patrice comes to Evan’s aid and forgives him as they kiss. At Evan’s Bar Mitzvah, everyone talks about their journeys and adventures as they turned 13.

Who did Liz Gillies play in 13?


Elizabeth Egan Gillies (born July 26, 1993) is an American actress and singer. Gillies made her Broadway debut at age 15 in the musical 13, playing the character of Lucy.

Who are the leads in 13: The Musical?

13, A New Musical Broadway Original Cast

  • Al Calderon. Eddie.
  • Riley Costello. Simon. Richie. Eddie. Archie. (Understudy)
  • Eamon Foley. Richie.
  • Caitlin Gann. Molly. Kendra.
  • Elizabeth Egan Gillies. Lucy.
  • Ariana Grande. Charlotte. Patrice.
  • Aaron Simon Gross. Archie.
  • Malik Hammond. Malcolm.

Are Ariana and Liz still friends?

Although they’ve yet to work together again, the two keep fans updated on the status of their friendship via social media. Liz, for one, referred to Ariana as her “sister” during an interview with People in June 2015. “We can’t get away from each other!” The CW star said, referring to their roles in 13 and Victorious.

Are jade and Ariana still friends?

Not long after it ended, they reunited across the country, when both were cast in the Nickelodeon series Victorious, portraying Cat Valentine and Jade West. Gillies and Grande have remained friends ever since.

Are Ariana Grande And Liz Gillies still friends 2021?

Longtime friends Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies have a long overdue reunion and document it on social media.

Did Nicki Minaj attend Ariana Grande wedding?

Insiders add that their wedding day will be a star-studded event with the likes of the Biebers, Nicki Minaj, Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon and Camila Cabello on the guest list along with her fellow The Voice coaches, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton. OK!

Who all attended Ariana Grande wedding?

Guest List

  • Ariana Grande.
  • Dalton Gomez.
  • Joan Grande.
  • Edward Butera.
  • Frankie Grande.
  • Tori Gomez.
  • Dakota Gomez.
  • Doug Middlebrook.
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