What part of speech is scourge?

verbverb (used with object), scourged, scourg·ing. to whip with a scourge; lash. to punish, chastise, or criticize severely.

Is scourge a adjective?

Scourge is a verb and can also act as a noun.

What is scourge?

A scourge is a whip or lash, especially a multi-thong type, used to inflict severe corporal punishment or self-mortification. It is usually made of leather.

What is the meaning of Scrouge?

to squeeze; crowd

to squeeze; crowd.

How do you use the word scourge?

1 The cruel captain used a scourge on his disobedient sailor. 2 After the scourge of war came the scourge of disease. 3 Inflation was the scourge of the 1970s. 4 The new boss was the scourge of the inefficient.

What is the adverb of scourge?


scourger, nounscourg·ing·ly, adverbself-scourging, adjectiveun·scourged, adjective.

Is it pronounce scourge or scourge?

Quote from video: Scourge scourge scourge scourge thanks for watching if.

Is unfaltering a word?

Examples of unfaltering

It was proof of his sudden, forced maturity, that unfaltering acceptance of the fact. He was dark by nature, of intensely nervous temperament, and obviously a man capable of enormous determination and unfaltering endurance.

What is scourge of death?

The Scourge of Death was a terrorist organization that operated in the Free Worlds League during the mid-27th Century.

How do you spell scourer?

This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. a person who scours or cleanses. an implement, device, or preparation for scouring.

What part of speech is timorous?

The adjective timorous is actually the Latin word for ”fearful.” But timorous is a specific kind of fearfulness — the kind that strikes people before giving a speech, or walking into a crowded place where people are socializing.

What is the synonym of scourge?

affliction, bane, curse, plague, menace, evil, misfortune, burden, cross to bear, thorn in one’s flesh, thorn in one’s side, bitter pill, trial, nuisance, pest. torment, torture, misery, suffering. blight, cancer, canker. punishment, penalty, visitation.

What is another word for Scrooge?

What is another word for scrooge?

miser skinflint
piker churl
hunks penny-pincher
Scrooge pinchpenny
moneygrubber pinchfist

Is smattering a real word?

a slight, superficial, or introductory knowledge of something: a smattering of Latin. a small amount or number: She’s written a smattering of poetry. slight or superficial.

What is whip slang for?

What is a whip in slang? Whip has been used as a slang word for “car” since the late 20th century. It’s also used as a verb meaning “to drive (a car).”

What is the scourge of the earth?

2 Hardcover – January 25, 2022. America, 2043. Censorship and government overreach have created an unbearable society, and social rank is determined by genetics.

What is a social scourge?

A scourge is something that causes a lot of trouble or suffering to a group of people.

What does scourge look like?

Scourge is a small black tom with one white paw, ice-blue eyes, glossy fur, and a torn left ear. He has a purple collar studded with teeth from dogs and cats, and claws reinforced with dogs’ teeth. Scourge was the founder and the first leader of BloodClan.

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