What is the meaning of the suffix stasis?

Suffix. -stasis. (physiology) slowing down, stopping.

What does the suffix word stasis mean?

noun combining form. plural -stases. Definition of -stasis (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : stoppage : slowing hemostasis bacteriostasis. 2 : stable state homeostasis.

What is suffix of hemostasis?

Hemostasis – adding the suffix -stasis (arrest in a process) gives us the process by which bleeding is stopped.

What is the suffix of Angiostenosis?

This sign is called angiostenosis. The constructed form of this term is angi/o/sten/osis and includes one combining form: angi/o, which means “blood vessel,” and the word root sten, which means “narrow.” Thus, the literal meaning of ____________________ is “condition of a narrow blood vessel.”

What is the suffix for protein?

As a general rule, the “-ase” suffix identifies a protein as an enzyme, whereas the first part of an enzyme’s name refers to the reaction that it catalyzes.

Which prefix means false?

What does the prefix mis- mean? It means ‘wrong’ or ‘false’.

What is the prefix of neo?

neo- prefix. neo- prefix. Britannica Dictionary definition of NEO- : a new and different form of something that existed in the past (such as a theory, style, language, or philosophy)

What prefix means blue?


Cyan/O. Cyan/o is the word root and combining form that is derived from the Greek word, kuanos, meaning blue.

What suffix means voice?

The suffix that means voice is ________. -phonia.

Which suffix means pain?

For example, the word element -algia means “pain” or “ache”, which can be combined with other word elements referring to parts of the body.

What suffix means to crush?

[Gr. tripsis, friction, rubbing] Suffix meaning crushing.

What is the suffix of fear?

e) Fearing uses the suffix -ing and is the present continuous for the word fear.

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