What is the AFL agility test?

The AFL Agility Test is a specific slalom-type agility test that has been developed for AFL, that involves running in and out and around obstacles over roughly 40 meters in total. A player’s height is measured with shoes off.

What does the AFL agility test measure?

The test involves running in and out and around obstacles over roughly 40 meters in total. purpose: this is a test of overall agility, including speed, quickness, flexibility, change of direction and body control.

What fitness tests are used in AFL?

Fitness Testing for AFL

  • BODY SIZE: anthropometric measures – height, hand span, arm length, body mass & skinfolds. …
  • STRENGTH: grip strength, 1RM Bench Press.
  • POWER: vertical jump test (there is also an AFL specific running vertical jump test). …
  • SPEED: 20-meter sprint test. …
  • AGILITY & REACTION: AFL agility test.

What do you do in the agility test?

To perform the Agility T-Test a client is asked to run from the start point 10 meters forward to point one, sidestep to point two before sidestepping to point three, side stepping back to point one and then running back to the finish. The process is then repeated side stepping in the other direction first.

What is the test for agility in sport?

The T-Test

The T-Test is a simple running test of agility, involving forward, lateral, and backward movements, appropriate to a wide range of sports. purpose: the T-Test is a test of agility for athletes, and includes forward, lateral, and backwards running.

How is agility used in AFL?

Component of Fitness 4: Agility.

Agility should be targeted in training especially for AFL players their main goal is to run with the football and evade all of the incoming tackles and be able to negotiate their way through a pack and take off again at speed.

How do you increase your agility in AFL?

Quote from video: He's going to be forced into using single leg reaction skills for going forwards laterally with the slingshot around him at the same time trying to pull him off balance.

What is the purpose of the Illinois agility test?

This Illinois Agility test assesses an applicants speed and athletic agility. The test is an electronically timed test and requires maximum speed and effort from applicants to negotiate several traffic cones.

Why is the Illinois agility test important?

The Illinois Agility Test (IAT) is one of many tests used to assess agility. Agility is one of the testing components of physical fitness. Agility may “be defined as the ability to alter direction to achieve a a specific goal (e.g. evade/deceive/react to an opponent, create space).

How do you do the Illinois agility run test?

Perform The Test as Follows

  1. Start by lying face down on the ground at the start point.
  2. On the command, jump to your feet and negotiate around the cones to the finish.
  3. The assistant records the total time taken.

Does AFL require agility?

Fitness is a very important component of success in modern AFL football, players require a very good level of aerobic endurance fitness, strength and power, running speed and agility.

What do AFL scouts look for?

The attributes required for AFL include good physical size, running speed and agility and aerobic capacity (see this poll on fitness components for AFL). At each year end the AFL conducts a draft camp in which prospective players are put through a battery of fitness, physical and psychomotor tests.

How far does an average AFL player run?

GPS data reveals AFL players, on average, run 14km a match on the League’s biggest ground, Patersons Stadium. In English soccer’s premier league, players run around 11.7km per match, while in Australia’s elite rugby league matches, players will normally run between 8-10km per game depending on their position.

How are AFL players so fit?

Many AFL players follow a rigorous fitness program during the off-season. This might involve running, lifting weights, gymnastics, or aerobic training. How much weight players are lifting depends on their position, age, and athletic physical development plan.

What position runs the most in AFL?

Centre half-forward. The centre half-forward’s role is usually the most demanding of any player on field, with a tall frame, good marking skills, strength and most importantly, athleticism, required.

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