How old is Jefferson in A Lesson Before Dying?

twenty-one-year-oldtwenty-one-year-old uneducated black field worker condemned to die after being innocently involved in an armed robbery and shooting.

Why does Grant need Jefferson?

Grant tells Jefferson that he himself is not a hero because he goes along with the unfair system, and that white people feel safe because he doesn’t stand up to them. He tries to get Jefferson to stand up to them and prove them all wrong. Grant needs Jefferson because he needs hope. Jefferson starts crying.

How are Grant and Jefferson related?

Further, although Grant and Jefferson are not blood relatives, they are connected through their common experiences as black males. Although physically free, Grant lives in a mental prison of his own making created by his hatred of whites, his arrogance, and his detachment from the black community.

Is Bayonne Louisiana a real place?

Bayonne is an actual city in France, but also the fictional Louisiana town where the generation is set before the Civil Rights movement in the South, depicted in the novel.

Why did Gaines choose Grant as the narrator?

Gaines chose Grant to narrate the novel because he had a unique perspective. Grant had left the plantation to attend college. He was bright and articulate. He was a product of both worlds.

What is Grant asking Vivian?

Grant asks Vivian to pack her things and grab her kids and leave with him tonight because he’s tired of feeling committed. She can’t, because she is separated from her husband but waiting for a divorce to come through. Vivian tells Grant that she wants him to go to the jail and see Jefferson.

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