How many pages is a land remembered?

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How many chapters are in A Land Remembered?

45 chapters

This in-depth study guide offers summaries & analyses for all 45 chapters of A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith.

Is A Land Remembered based on a true story?

A Land Remembered focuses on the fictional story of the MacIveys, who migrated from Georgia into Florida in the mid-19th century. After settling, this family struggles to survive in the harsh environment.

Is there a sequel to A Land Remembered?

My son read A Land Remembered Volume 1 in school and couldn’t put it down, so I bought the sequel. He loved this one as well.

Is there A Land Remembered movie?

There has been strong interest in making A Land Remembered into a movie since it was first published. Individuals and organizations have bought the annual “option” to make it into a movie almost continuously since it was published in 1984, but for many reasons, nobody has gotten it off the ground.

Is the MacIvey family real?

2) Are the MacIveys real people? No, the book is not based on any one family but is a blend of the stories and histories of many pioneer families. Patrick Smith explains this in his award-winning DVD, A Sense of Place, available here.

Who is the protagonist in a land remembered?

Tobias: The first generation’s main character. He became rich from cattle herding and later an orange grove. He gets malaria from an attack of several hundred thousand ‘skeeters’, but is healed (temporarily) by Miami Billie, an Indian medicine man.

What is a Florida cracker by Patrick Smith?

Patrick Smith’s “What Is A Florida Cracker?” is a touching and timeless tribute to that tough, reliable, honest person known as a “Florida Cracker.” This is a short two page essay even a Florida transplant will love.

Who dies In A Land Remembered?

One day Emma collapses while gathering berries and dies soon after Tobias witnesses her fall. Tobias insists that Emma be buried at home so the MacIveys make the solemn trip back to their homestead. Tobias grieves for his wife for a year showing little or no interest even in his orange trees.

What is the theme of A Land Remembered?

Surviving Nature Versus Conquering Nature.

Where is Punta Rassa located A Land Remembered?

In 1968, the wealthy 85-year-old real estate developer Solomon “Sol” MacIvey arrives at his cabin in Punta Rassa, Florida, where he plans to live out his final days.

Who is Tobias MacIvey?

Patriarch Tobias MacIvey is one of the original Florida “crackers,” a term used to describe the cracking of the cattle rustlers whips as they drove the wild cattle from the swamps to the coast.

Who is the author of the book Land Remembered?

Patrick Smith is the author of seven novels: The River Is Home, The Beginning, Forever Island, Angel City, Allapattah, A Land Remembered, and The Seas That Mourn, and a story collection, A white Deer.

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