How do you spell ch words?

How ch is spelled?

Phonics/spelling: The ‘ch’ /ʧ/ can be spelled ‘ch’ (chip, teacher), ‘tch’ (kitchen, watch) and when ‘u’ follows ‘t’ (virtue, century).

How do you know if its TCH or ch?

If the last ‘ch’ sound comes after a consonant, the ending is usually ch. Look at these examples – sear- ch, chur-ch. If the final ‘ch’ sound comes after a one-letter vowel, it is usually spelled -tch. For example: fe-tch, ca-tch, pi-tch, wa-tch, dispa-tch.

Where do we use ch?

Here are some simple tips to help you get it right:

  1. If the final ‘ch’ sound comes after a consonant, the ending is -ch. …
  2. When the final ‘ch’ sound follows a one-letter vowel, it’s usually written -tch. …
  3. If the final ‘ch’ sound comes after a two-letter vowel, the ending should be spelled -ch.

What is ch word?

Ch words for kids are an example of words with consonant digraphs. A consonant digraph is a group of two or more consonants in a word that make one sound. Words that have ch, th, sh, etc are words with consonant digraphs. For example, chop, then, sharp, when, etc.

How do you read ch?

Quote from video: Ch many words start with the c and h the ch. Sound for example chair chicken and my favorite word geez can you think of a word that starts with the ch.

Can a word end in ch?

Other high score words ending with Ch are bewitch (17), bycatch (19), pibroch (16), impeach (16), zlotych (24), capouch (16), squelch (21), and xerarch (19).

What else makes a ch sound?

As you know, there are three ways to pronounce the letter combination “ch” in English. It can sound like k (as in “chasm” or “school”), like sh (as in “charade” or “brochure”), and like tch (as in “champion” and “child”).

How many sounds can the ch digraph make?

The consonant digraph (ch) has three different sounds, the most common of which is the “ch” heard in chimney and much. “ch” is also presented as ch=sh and ch=k. Consonant digraphs are two-letter combination which result in one speech sound (not a blend).

What are 5 words that start with ch?

5-Letter Words Starting with ‘CH’ List

  • chace.
  • chack.
  • chaco.
  • chado.
  • chads.
  • chafe.
  • chaff.
  • chaft.

What are three words that start with CH?

3-letter words starting with CH

cha ChB
chi CHL
CHS chu

What words have ch in the middle?

Words with ‘ch’ at the beginning include chair, chat, chase, cheese, chew, child, chin and chicken. Examples of words with ‘ch’ in the middle are kitchen, teacher, hatching, reaching and peaches. And words with ‘ch’ at the end include beach, stretch, watch, lunch, bench and march.

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